Trigger Point Massage

For Relief of Painful Knots

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Why Do People Develop Trigger Points?

Trigger points develop as a result of the body’s effort to protect itself from further injury.

This means that you’ve done something in the past to either overwork or injure the muscle in some way.

When the muscle repairs itself, it can continuously tighten until it’s in a state of constant contraction.

Why Get a Trigger Point Massage with BUSINESS NAME?

Myofascial trigger points, also known as “knots,” form as a result of stress, tension, repetitive motion, poor posture, injury, and lack of stretching. BUSINESS NAME specializes in providing trigger point therapy for those in constant pain, allowing you to get the relief you need.

How Does Trigger Point Massage Work?

Minor trigger points can often be addressed with self-massage and therapy at home. When trigger points become large and outstanding, you need the help of a massage therapist. Trigger point massage is often quite uncomfortable but is the only way of offering relief to these painful areas.

The good news is that immediately following that discomfort should be a good feeling accompanied with release.

Trigger points that become very bad can turn into almost rock-like hardened areas. Massage therapists strategically apply pressure to these areas to work the knot out until it’s broken up and the muscle finally releases the tension.

The initial pain should then be flooded with a good feeling as circulation improves to the area and begins the healing process.

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