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Reduce Recovery Time by Soothing Your Muscles

BUSINESS NAME's Mission Statement

Our mission statement is the key to our success: we provide you with outstanding massage therapy and long-lasting health benefits for all the days to come.

Anything less than superb service robs our customers of an enriched life. It’s our duty to live up to each and every customer’s expectations and make sure that they leave feeling happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

Who Can Benefit from a Sports Massage?

It doesn’t matter what level of sport you’re at: if you regularly engage in physical activity, you can benefit from a sports massage.

You’re using the same muscles over and over, which can lead to soreness and tearing. A trained sports massage therapist targets the muscles you’re using to provide relief.

Why Get a Sports Massage with BUSINESS NAME?

At BUSINESS NAME, we target our sports massage to your sport and level of activity. Depending on when you choose to get the massage, this might mean stimulating your tissue before a game, normalizing your tissue immediately afterwards, or addressing any longer-term issues that were caused by physical activity.

What Happens During a Sports Massage?

Sports massages vary based on when you get them and what you’re playing.

When you get the massage determines which of the four sports massage types you get: pre-event sports massages, post-event sports massages, restorative sports massages, and rehabilitative sports massages. What you’re playing determines which muscles get targeted.

Pre-event sports massages simulate your muscles. This allows you to keep your energy up and lessen the likelihood of injury during physical activity.

Restorative massages also lessen injury likelihood, letting you perform to your fullest extent. Post-even massages reduce soreness while rehabilitative massages address sports injuries.

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